Drag-Racing Mystery: Frank Pedregon and the Fiat with the Flaming Tires

1965-sacto-taco-taster-frank-pedregon-vs-bob-hall-copy-1587393557.jpgWhether it was Scott Injection or just soaking the tires in gasoline, Pedregon's trick was never fully explained.

Before burnouts became popular, Flamin' Frank Pedregon stole the show in the 1960s at iconic Southern California drag strips such as Lions Drag Strip in Los Angeles. 

Fans thought of Pedregon as a mechanical magician for his unique shtick of igniting the tires on his Fiat coupe front-engine dragster and making them smoke all the way down the track.

"It was truly unique in the way it looked and the way the tires burned going down the trackā€”it was the one and only car that went down the track like that," his son Cruz Pedregon, a two-time NHRA Funny Car champion, said. "It really became a fan favorite as he raced a lot." 

But even Flamin' Frank didn't know for sure how he did it. Or at least he kept the secret recipe to himself.

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